Scotiabank Invitational Swimming Championships

The St Vincent & the Grenadines Amateur Swimming Association

Cordially invites you to participate in

The Scotiabank Invitational Swimming Championships

Shrewsbury Pool, Ratho Mill, St Vincent

Thursday 20th February 2014 – Sunday 23rd February 2014

 Course:  3 Lane 24.5 meters  
 Times:  5:30pm on Thursday, 20th February Warm up at 4:30pm 
   5:30pm On Friday 21st February Warm up at 4:30pm
  10:00a.m. On Saturday 22nd February Warm up at 9am
  9:30a.m. On Sunday 23rd February Warm up 8:30am
 AGE GROUPS: 8 & under (6 & under will be included but scored separately); 9-10; 11-12; 13-14 and 15 & Over.

Relays: 10 & Under (Juniors) and 11 & Over (Seniors)

  • The age of the swimmer at Midnight December 31st, 2013 determines the age group in which the swimmer is eligible to swim.

 Scoring:  1st – 9 pts; 2nd – 7pts; 3rd – 6pts; 4th – 5pts; 5th – 4pts; 6th– 3pts; 7th – 2pts; and 8th – 1pt.

• A club may enter any number of competitors in each individual event but only the top two (2) positions will score points. Each club may enter a maximum of one (1) team per relay event for points.

• There is no limit to the number of events a swimmer may enter.

• All FINA rules will be applied to swimmers 9 years and over. (9 & Over)
 EVENTS:  Events may be swam as age group events and/or open events. However, irrespective of how swam, they will be scored by age group as above.
 AWARDS: *Individual events ….medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Ribbons will be awarded to 4th – 8th place winners in each event.

*Relays …1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded medals.

*High point trophies will be awarded to each age group, male and female. A Meet Trophy will be awarded to the club with the overall highest point standing.

 Meet Fees:  Seasoned tickets for the entire weekend – EC$25.00 Daily fees – EC$10.00

* Local swimmers EC $5 per event ….. Visitors US. $2 per event … This should be paid prior to the start of the Meet. *Late entry Fee per event: US$2.00 EC$5.00 *Scratch after deadline: US$4.00 EC$10.00 *Relays – Local teams EC$10 per team, Visitors US$4 per team


Entries MUST be made using Hy-Tek Team manager file and MUST reach the Organizing Committee no later than Friday 7th February 2014.
Entries should be sent by email using available HyTek file to:

The Meet Committee, email:

and copied to:

Louse Mitchell, Technical Committee Chair, email;

Award Ceremonies – Daily as Time Permits

The following are hotels located in the Villa area near the Shrewsbury Pool, restaurants and groceries.


Paradise Beach Resort

Sales Manager: Michelle Davis


Tel: (784) – 457-4795

Fax: (784) – 457-5577

Beachcombers Hotel


Tel: (784) – 458 – 4283

Fax: (784) – 458 – 4385