Striving to be the best

Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines (TASVG) has recommitted itself to retaining its position as the best national sports association in this country. That was the consensus of the participants at the organisation’s annual Retreat held at the National Sports Council’s Conference Room on Saturday TASVG 8 January 2011

Saturday’s Retreat began with brief addresses by the President of the National Olympic Committee, Mr Trevor Bailey, the Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ms Beverly Neptune and the representative of the Secondary Schools Principals Association on the Schools Games Committee, Mr Curtis Greaves. Intensive discussions followed the presentations allowing all to acknowledge the benefits already derived from the long-established partnerships and to recommit to ‘raising the bar’ on the collaboration towards excellence in the future.

The second part of the Retreat was a closed session that focused on all aspects of the sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines – Administration, Coaches Development and coaching, Track and Field Competitions, Cross Country and Road Running, Kids in Athletics, Officiating, Finance and Sponsorship. In each case the Chair of the respective Commission led off with a presentation that first reviewed the performance relative to the established Goals and Objectives for 2010. The presentations then shifted to the Strategic plans for 2011 and beyond.

The key to the continued success of TASVG in 2011 and beyond is ‘professionalism’. Everyone involved in the Retreat emerged with a greater sense of commitment to working more diligently towards achieving the goals and to lifting their performance standards in the coiming period. There was also greater commitment towards ensuring that the various competitions are more professionally prepared.



The following constitutes the major administration issues for 2011-12:

1. Monthly Online Newsletter – TASVG segment of NOC website

2. Improved Secretariat performance:

a. More immediate responses to correspondences

b. Thank You letters to sponsors and volunteers within 48 hours of completion of event.

c. Production and distribution of Minutes of Executive Meetings within 48 hours of completion of Meetings

d. Coordination of documentation for website

3. Quality representation – the TASVG to ensure more effective quality representation on institutions on which it is invited to sit

4. Reports of Heads of Delegation, inclusive of coach’s report, no later than one week following completion of event.

5. Correspondences for repeat sponsors – no later than 15 January 2011.

6. Ensure early ordering of medals and trophies, t-shirts and polos for the year’s activities. No later than 15 February.

7. Source uniforms for competitions, inclusive of officials, well in advance of programme. No later than 28 February 2011.

8. Continuous education:

– Time Management programmes would be implemented as part of the onging training of TASVG personnel

– Meet Management Training

– Training in Communications for all TASVG personnel: administrators, coaches, technical officials and athletes

9. Media/Promotions


– Profiling athletes – making ‘stars’

– Face Book re ‘stars’