SVGNOC General Secretary condemns cricket attacks

3 March 2009 NEWS RELEASE

General Secretary of the St Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Committee, Mr Keith Joseph, has expressed utter disgust at the sad events that have taken place in Pakistan today, involving the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team as they journeyed to cricket arena for the third day’s play in the test match against Pakistan.

‘Terrorism has no place in sport’, Joseph said. ‘We who are involved in sport engage ourselves in a global movement to build bridges across social, political, economic, ethnic and religious divides and hence the action of the terrorists to launch a vicious attack on the Sri Lankans interested only in lifting the shadows over the playing of international cricket in Pakistan must be vehemently condemned’, he added.’What this means is that terrorism knows no boundaries. We have not seen anything like this since the horrific events of the Munich Olympics 1972. We now have to be expectant that our treasured field of endeavour is not without these unsavoury risks”, Joseph stated.

According to the NOC’s General Secretary, ‘the sport of cricket is the biggest loser in all of this. We must globally collaborate to ensure that sport remains the world’s greatest social vehicle for peace and global harmony.’

Joseph expressed sadness at the death of the police officers who sought to protect the Sri Lankan cricketers.