The Virtual Olympic Congress: One Click Away!

Making a contribution to the virtual Olympic Congress is now easier than ever! A simple click on the new banner to access the virtual Olympic Congress site will do it. Click on the banner, register and contribute online to the five Congress themes.


Make your move!
The themes are as follows:
Theme 1: The athletes
Relationship between the athletes, the clubs, federations and the NOCs
Health protection in training and competition
The social and professional life of athletes during and after elite competition
Theme 2: The Olympic Games
How to keep the Games as a premier event
The Olympic values
Universality and developing countries

Theme 3: The structure of the Olympic Movement

The autonomy of the Olympic Movement
Good governance and ethics
The relationships between the Olympic Movement and its stakeholders
Theme 4: Olympism and Youth
Moving towards an active society
Is competitive sport still appealing?
Youth sports events

 Theme 5: The digital revolution
A new management of sports rights
How to increase the size of the sports audience
Communication with stakeholders in the digital age

Join the debate!
Improvements in technology have now made it possible to canvass a wide spectrum of people for their views and opinions on different aspects of Olympism.
Since its launch, the virtual Olympic Congress has already received an overwhelming level of interest from members of the Olympic family and the general public. The banner was designed to reflect this dynamism and the overall purpose of the Congress: to take the pulse of the Olympic Movement and the general public.
Voice your opinion!
Submissions from the Olympic family and the general public will be accepted until 31 December 2008. The virtual Olympic Congress is an important component of the preparatory process leading up to the 13th Olympic Congress in Copenhagen. The submissions from the Olympic family will be analysed to provide a set of draft recommendations for discussion in Copenhagen. A statistical analysis of the public’s contributions will be available on the IOC’s website in 2009, and selected contributions included in the Congress’ proceedings.
More information on the Congress Regulations and the Call for Contributions can be found at