WICB – a blighted organisation

The recent election of St Lucia's Julian Hunte to the position of President of the West Indies Cricket Board, WICB, may well have been an act of desperation on the part of the region's cricket leadership given their continued failure to adequately address the many issues confronting the sport and the organisation itself.
Hunte had been among the leadership of the game in the region before taking on political responsibilities on behalf of his country's Government. Some may recall that he was the long standing President of the Windward Islands Cricket Board before our own Lennox John. Hunte also sought to climb the ladder within the then West Indies Cricket Board of Control, WICBC, at a time when some came to believe that the organisation did have some control.
The decision to turn to Hunte seems to have come as the WICB, significantly, received the resignation of yet another of its Presidents. It is unfortunate that the WICB seems unperturbed at having one of the more rapid turnovers of Presidents among the Test playing nations of the world.Hunte's election comes in the wake of seemingly weak leadership on the part of former Presidents of the organisation, the most recent of whom were Teddy Griffith of Barbados and Ken Gordon of Trinidad and Tobago.
The CWC2007
The Cricket World Cup 2007 was awarded to the WICB only because it was the turn of the region to do so.
The ICC is anxious to join the major sporting organisations across the globe in introducing a bidding process among its membership for the Cricket World Cup, however it had earlier decided to allow the major Test playing nations to each have the opportunity to play host to this event.
2007 was the turn of the West Indies the last of the Test playing nations to have the right to host the event before bidding begins.
At the conclusion of the CWC2007 one could easily recognise why it is that so many critics across the region are confident that the WICB will never win a bid to host the Cricket World Cup again in their life time.
The tributes to the glowing success of CWC2007 have come essentially and perhaps only from the WICB and those who were privileged enough to have been in authority in the different countries that hosted activities. The outside world has been harsh and unforgiving in its criticisms.