2010 Round D' Town Road Relay

Team Athletics SVG started its 2010 Cross Country and Road Racing season on Sunday 26th September 2010 with the Annual Round D’ Town Road Relay. 

In what was a most festive atmosphere, 34 of the registered 46 teams competed in the Primary, Secondary and Open categories with male and female sub categories. The results were as follows:

Primary School Female
Chateaubelair Primary School                                   45:26:38
Biabou Methodist School                                    53:33:26
Spring Village Methodist School                         1:06:56:76

Primary School Male
Chateaubelair Primary School                              44:58:52
Biabou Methodist School                                          47:06:53
Calliaqua Anglican School                                        56:16:05

Secondary School Female
Campden Park Secondary School                              41:16:99
Petit Bordel Secondary School                                  42:53:30
Buccament Bay Secondary School                            44:53:02

Secondary School Male
Petit Bordel Secondary School                                 31:11:54
Campden Park Secondary School                             31:28:17
George Stephens Secondary School                         32:03:20

Open Male

Xcel #1                   31:36:94

Xcel #2                   31:41:77


Open Female
Chatoyer #1            33:04:18
Xcel#3                    39:25:54

Taekwondo             51:44:65