Official Team to Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

The St Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Committee’s representative team to the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, will begin leaving the state on the 27th of September.

The team, headed by Chief of Mission, Jacintha Ballantyne, is not as large as that which represented us at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, four years ago,. At that time Netball was on the team and so boosted the numbers involved.

The team comprises the following:


Jacintha Ballantyne – Chief of Mission


Doris McIntosh – Deputy Chief of Mission






Natasha Mayers

Jules Snagg   

Pamenos Ballantyne

Othniel Bailey

Irad Anesto Jared Lewis

James Bentick – Player/Coach

Tyrone James – Manager


Rawlson Morgan – Coach






Lorenz Duncan

Kamal Hunte

Keithland King

Romano Spencer

Jahziel Lewis

Carlton Daniel

Winston Telesford – Manager

 Robert Ballantyne – Coach

Cavanaugh Gumbs – Coach

Terrance Marksman – Manager





Hansel Orano Andrews

Loyce Williams

Trevor Shimano Bailey

Onike Span – Manager/Coach 

Dominic Ollivierre


Emmerson Holder – Manager/Coach