DNSS Basketball - First Phase

The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation recently concluded the first phase of its Development of a National Sports Structure program. The program which is being done in three parts, saw the culmination of the first part on Friday 24th January 2020, upstairs in the Music Centre conference/meeting room. The program which is being sponsored by Olympic Solidarity funding through the National Olympic Committee kicked off on the 13th January with a two day Introductory Coaching Course that saw 17 participants from across SVG attending. It then progressed with World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC) FIBA Level 1 Coaching Course. This course is the only recognized basketball coaching course recognized by FIBA. The maximum number of coaches that could have undertaken the course at any one point is fifteen, of which initially we had maximum subscription. However due to unforeseen situations the course moved forward with a total of eight (8) coaches seeking certification. 

At the launch of the WABC FIBA Level 1 Coaching Course, Th SVGBF President, encouraged participants to give their best as their effort to be certified would be a great input into the revival and rebuilding of the sport of basketball here in SVG. He further encouraged participants that even though the course was a very difficult one and has seen pass rates of no more than fifty two percent across the globe, they must not be daunted by that fact but rather go forward on the fact that we as Vincetians work hard for what we want and at the end He believes that all participants would attain Certification, making us the first nation to attain 100% pass at the course. 
The course saw participants enduring classroom theoretical sessions and on court practical sessions and individual presentations by the Coaches. The Courses were facilitated by Coach Nelson Isley a FIBA WABC Certified Instructor who is no stranger to SVGBF. Coach Isley made several visits to St. Vincent and  conducting several courses and assessments. At the start of the course Coach Isley made the pitch of his continued support for the SVGBF and its bid to improve the structure of basketball in SVG. He further pledged to reach out to his network at FIBA and other international organisation to garner assistance for the SVGBF. Coach Isley will also supply an assessment report to the SVGBF to be shared with the Government and private stakeholder. This is to spark the political and social community will towards assisting Basketball with funding for the renovations, repairs and development of the basketball sporting facilities across SVG. Most of these facilities are in very deplorable conditions.
At the closing ceremony, the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer of the SVGBF – Winston  Snagg reminded participants that the President had predicted 100% pass for all of the coaches undertaking  the certification, he further implored the coaches to utilize their knowledge, skill and new attainment to the continued development of the sport. He concluded his closing remarks by thanking Coach Isley, the National Sports Council, National Olympic Committee notably its Admin. Secretary Nicha Branker, General Secretary Keith Joseph and President Trevor ‘Sailor’ Bailey and the Coaches for undertaking and being successful at the course. 
Mr. Kendale Thomas first Vice President of the SVGBF charged the coaches to utilize their knowledge, experience and qualification towards propelling the sport of basketball in SVG. He further echoed the encouragement of Coach Isley and the President of the SVGBF to work collaboratively for the advancement of the sport. All eight coaches who undertook the course were declared competent. They are as Follows (from left to right in photo): Mr. Bernard Billy, Ms. Vasha Adams, Mr. Aubrey ‘Darwin’ Vanloo, Mr. Conrad Simon, Mr. Wayne Williams, Mr. Westfield Williams, Mr. Solan Frederick and Mr. Kendale Thomas. (Coach Nelson Isley is seated). President of the SVGBF who was not present at the closing ceremony due to other commitments, forwarded his thanks and jubilation as a result of the resounding success of the course. The second phase of the program kicks off on March 26th – April 8th 2020.
Thanks and regards,
Rohan E. Providence 
SVG Basketball Federation