Basketball Scholarships for Bequia players

The Bequia Basketball Association is pleased to announce that two basketball scholarships to Ming Chuan University in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, have been sourced for Craiglee Sam and Cregg Friday of Paget Farm, Bequia. Both young men are 6’ 6” and play center and power forward positions for the Bequia Tech Rising Stars Team, and the Bequia All-Stars Basketball Club, and are coached by Fitzgerald Sutton. 

Friday and Sam, ages 20 and 22 respectively depart the state on Thursday September 3rd, to travel to Taipei, via London and Hong Kong.

They will be playing basketball for Ming Chuan University in Taipei, and are registered to study a degree in Travel & Tourism.

The Scholarships are complete four-year scholarships, inclusive of school fees, room and board, and were sourced by BBA President Sabrina Mitchell and contacts in Taiwan.

The young Bequia players join a Vincentian student community, already at Ming Chuan, but these are the first to receive admission to the University via a sports/basketball scholarship.

The scholarships, which have been in the works since April of 2009, have just recently been confirmed. Ambassador Leo Lee of the Embassy of the Republic of China/Taiwan in St. Vincent assisted in the visa documentation and facilitation of travel for the players.