Bequia Tournament Final Game Results


Saturday’s Games:

Under 16 Division:

Hornets defeat Young Wizards 43 to 37 to go up, 2-1 in series and win the
Under 16 Division Championship
-leading scorer Hornets: Damien Lewis with 17 pts, 4 blks, 11 reb
-leading scorer Young Wizards; Jason Ollivierre with 13 pts

Second Division:

Rising Stars defeat Warriaz 59 to 45 in game 2 of best of three series to
tie the series 1-1
-leading scorer Rising Stars: Cregg Williams with 16 pts, 25 reb, 6 blks
-leading scorer Warriaz: Kerry Frederick with 16 pts.

First Division: Rising Stars defeat Duke  60 to 54 in 2 straight games to
win the First Division championship
-leading scorer Stars: Craiglee Sam with 20pts, 12 reb, 2 blk
–leading scorer Duke: Gosnel Gumbs with 17 pts.

Sunday’s Games:

Second Division:

Warriaz defeat Rising Stars 59 to 51 to go up 2-1 in series and win the
second Division Championship.
-leading scorer Warriaz: Kerry Frederick with 17 pts pts, 13 reb
-leading scorer Rising Stars: Alroy Gregg with 27 pts