Bequia Tournament Game Results

Wednesday Game Results

Second Division:

Young Blazers defeat Young Duke 81 to 46

-leading scorer Young Blazers: Miguel McKree with 19 pts, 11 reb, 1 asst, 9 ste

-leading scorer Young Duke: Damien Lewis with 24 pts, 15 reb

Second Division:

Warriaz defeat Liberty 62 to 55

-leading scorer Warriaz: Clemenson Williams with 23 pts, 26 reb, 9 asst, 4


-leading scorer Liberty: Khandi Joseph with 25 pts, 14 reb


Next games: Saturday July 28th

5:30pm: under16 division: Young Wizards vs Eagles

7:30pm: first division: Duke vs Rising Stars

9:30 pm: first division: East Blazers vs Rising Stars