Carifta Training Squad 2011

The following athletes have been selected by Team Athletics St. Vincent and the Grenadines for training during the period 2010 through to 2014 as part of the organisations’ Athletics Academy. The names of selected senior athletes will be announced at a later date.

Please note that all athletes who have already been working with coaches will continue and others will be assigned coaches. TASVG will establish a monitoring system whereby coaches will be required to submit weekly programmes on their charges and be involved in monthly evaluations of progress.




The following junior  athletes have been identified for training in preparation for the selection of a national team for the Carifta Games 2011:



Naomi Williams (CLSS)

Cherise Hall (JPEMS)

Velesia Jack (GSS)

Nadia Delpleshe (JPEMS)

Suzette Jordon (EHSM)

Nicky-Ann Stephens (TSSS)

Shaquille Branker (SJCK)

Alicia Cox (GHS)

Felicia John (BCK)

Mary-Ann Fredricks (IHS)

Anada Francois (PBSS)

Danielle Lavia (SJCK)

Shantal Rouse (CPSS)

Leniesha Oliver (CPSS)

Aalyah Providence (GHS)




Yurnic Nanton (PBSS)

Kamarl Providence (BCK)

Renaldo Charles (TSSS)

Chaz Howe (PBSS)

Trevor Swift (TSSS)

Druvaughn Edwards (SVGS)

Osborne Brudy (BCK)

Ezra Samuel (BBSS)

Jason Ollivierre (BCHS)

Shaquille Browne (TSSS)

Myron Samuel (CPSS)

Ivando Clarke (GSS)

Jemmie Arthur (GSS)

Xavique Cyrus (GSS)

Keron Arthur (SVGS)

Kimroy Cupid (SMSS)



TASVG Technical Director, Mr. Gideon Labban, will coordinate training sessions.

Training will begin the first week in October. There will be a common training session held at the Arnos Vale Playing Field on Saturdays. During the week the coaches of the athletes will conduct their regular training sessions. However, each coach will be expected to submit to TASVG the weekly training regimen of each of the athletes on the Squad under their charge.



There will be monthly evaluations conducted by TASVG. All coaches will be brought together to discuss the progress of the athletes under their charge viz-a-viz the Carifta Standards.