Closing & Trophy Presentation Bequia Tenth Anniversary Tournament

Bequia Tech Rising Stars 2008 First Division Champions

The Tenth Anniversary Bequia Basketball Tournament came to a conclusion on Saturday September 13th at the Clive Tannis Hard Court, with the final game in this year’s competition and presentation of awards, medals and trophies. Bequia Tech Rising Stars emerged as 2008 Champions of the First Division, while Young Blazers took the Second Division title and Admiralty Transport Eagles took the Under 16. All division finals were best of three series.  



Young Blazers Second Division Champions

The First Division and Under 16 Divisions were both decided in two games with Rising Stars defeating East Blazers two games to none, while Under 16 champs Eagles defeated Young Wizards also in two games, both series closely contested and exciting. The second division match up between defending champions Gladiatorz and Young Blazers went to a game three with Young Blazers taking the crown on closing night, defeating their older and more experienced opponents convincingly 69 to 53!
A slamdunk competition, three point shootout and spectator shootout were also part of the Closing Ceremony’s entertainment, with rookie Lamont Gordon stealing the spotlight in the dunk out and young Liston Simmons winning the three-point shootout.  Many loyal fans of all ages tried the spectator shootout, but it was Kenny Leslie who won the prize of dinner for two at Frangipani Hotel.
 Bequia Basketball President, Sabrina Mitchell gave a thank you address, expressing her gratitude to all involved in another successful competition.  She expressed her satisfaction with the smooth and incident –free competition and attributed the tournament’s success to a very competent and dedicated executive committee. She made mention that there were no discipline issues of any significance throughout the entire competition. She thanked the sponsors, her fellow executive members, officials and staff of the Association, as well as the fans for their continued support of basketball. She made special mention of the continued support of The Hon. Dr. Loraine Friday who was on hand to assist her, general secretary Solana Gooding and assistant secretary Christel Hazell in the presentation of fifty -seven awards, bringing the annual tournament to a close.


Admiralty Transport Eagles Under 16 Champs

In this year’s individual awards, Craiglee Sam of Rising Stars was adjudged the top division’s most valuable player, while Keon Skinner of Warriaz took the second division MVP and Garfield Sargeant of Hornets the Under 16 MVP. Despite their second place finish in the finals, East Blazers’s took several individual awards with Keon McFee adjudged that teams’ mvp, while teammates Michael Peniston had the most assists with 13 and Keylon Edwards with 21 steals in 6 games.  Kerry Frederick, also of East Blazers was awarded the most improved player in the First Division. Duke’s Otice Lewis had the most blocks while his teammate Jonas King had the most rebounds with 72 in 5 games. The dunk out champion, young Lamont Gordon was awarded the outstanding rookie of the year!

In the Second Division, individual recognition awards went to Mark Hutchins of the champion Young Blazers as the most improved player of 2008 and his team’s mvp, as well as the final series mvp.  The most points went to Cosmus Hackshaw of Second Place Gladiatorz with 195 in 8 games. The most steals and most assists went to fellow Gladiator Lennox Hutchins with 28 and 35 respectively in 8 games.  Despite a poor performance by team Warriaz, who finished in forth place, Keon Skinner had the most impressive statistics and was awarded that division’s overall Most Valuable Player. Rising Star’s Anthony Ellie had the most rebounds with 112 in 8 games, while Garret Edwards of Young Duke had the most blocks with 19 in 8 games.

In the Under 16 Division, Daria Gordon of Diamondz had the most points with 79 in 6 games and was also adjudged her team’s mvp. Her teammate Shantel Joseph had the most assists with 12 in 5 games. Young Wizards’ Orando Blugh took two awards with the most steals and most blocks (26 and 20 respectively) Hornets’ Garfield Sargeant, the Under 16 Division Overall Most Valuable Player had the most rebounds with 91 in 7 games.