Coach Isley's Work Programme

Work Plan/Monthly Breakdown

Duration of Programme: 3 Months (20th November 2007 – 20th February 2008)
20 Arrival of Coach Nelson Isley
21 Meeting with NOC
Protocol: Ministry of Sports, Dept of Sports, NSC
22 Meeting with SVGBF
21-23 Orientation, General Sessions and Tours of Venues
24 Grass Roots Program Georgetown
26-30 Georgetown
1 Grass Root Program Biabou
3-7 Calliaqua
8 Grass Roots Program Calliaqua
8-9 Grenadines: Canouan
10-14 Union Island
15 Grass Roots Program Union Island
15-16 Mayeau
17-21 Richland Park
22 Grass Roots Program Richland Park
23 Break for Christmas Holidays
6-11 Bequia
12 Grass Roots Program Bequia
12-13 Mustique
14-18 Petit Bordel
19 Grass Roots Program Petit Bordel
11-25 Keartons
26 Grass Roots Program Keartons
26-27 Layou
28-1 New Montrose Basketball Facility
2 Grass Roots Program Campden Park/ New Montrose Basketball Facility
4-8 Girls High School Court
9 Grass Roots Program Girls High School
12 > Advance Training, Review, Exams and wrap up.

Notes to the Programme:

1. On Saturdays at the Grass Program there would be an assessment of the week’s work by the Federation, and if necessary, adjustments made to the Plan of Action

2. Sessions will be conducted daily for: Coaches in the Schools during School hours and Community and Club/Team coaches later in the evening.