Cricket challenges loom large

The state of West Indies Cricket is indeed critical at this juncture in the sport’s history. Over the past several years we have been witnessing the ongoing demise of the game in the region and the changes in leadership have done little to impact the situation in any positive way that would suggest progress.
With the Cricket World Cup looming on the horizon it seems that the West Indies Cricket Board has lost control in so many aspects of the game that it is difficult for us to present a face to the world that can even remotely be considered acceptable.
Indeed even as the WICB tries to lick its lips in anticipation of financial windfalls emanating from the Cricket World Cup, we are being made even more aware of the true indebtedness of the WICB.
It is not just that ‘the ship is sinking’. It may well be that the captain is not even aware of the extent to which the ship has already gone under.

WICB Leadership
WICB President, Ken Gordon, has apparently already been seen by many involved in the game and many of its enthusiasts as a major disappointment.
Gordon has been beleaguered almost from the start of his tenure as head of the WICB and may well have done more to ‘shoot himself in the foot’ than meets the eye.
At present it may be true to say that Gordon’s performance since taking office has done little to change the image of the organisation and of the game in the region.

Brancker’s Resignation
Barbados’ Rawle Brancker was the Chairman of the CWC organisation before Ken Gordon became the President of the WICB.
Not long after he took office Gordon was faced with a sort of crisis in respect of Brancker’s decision to resign from his leadership role in the preparations for the Cricket World Cup 2007.