It’s all over, now back to reality


It is now all over.

The Cricket World Cup 2007, CWC2007, is finally over. The dust has already settled and now it is time to return to reality. It is time to return to the harsh reality of how we as a Caribbean so often make fools of ourselves, leaving us the laughing stock of much of the developed world.

Caribbean Governments
Our Caribbean Governments were generally taken along for the biggest and most ridiculous rides in the history of the region.

In hindsight one Government after another has bemoaned the way in which it was sucked into the CWC2007.But that is part of our Caribbean reality. Our leaders are bereft of any genuine understanding of many things that affect the lives of our peoples yet they simply believe that they do.In an approach that was decidedly myopic but nonetheless distinctively bias the Caribbean Governments, without exception, hastened to sign on the dotted line without appreciating the impact of what they signed into law on our peoples, especially the poor among us. The poor in every one of the countries where World Cup matches were held, including warm up matches, were served up as sacrificial lambs.
In the case of St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Government’s myopia forced a wasteful expenditure on facilities for a sport that has long since lost its soul. Cricket in St Vincent and the Grenadines has long since lost its appeal to the vast majority of the nation’s youths and children.
The more popular sport of football has been ignored and the youths of the nation are angry. That is the reality.
While still under the ridiculous regulations of the CWC2007 only cricket could have been given the right of access to use the legacy playing fields. All other sporting disciplines that would normally utilise these facilities have been declared anathema.
The Sion Hill football field is being realigned without any consultation with anyone. It seems that the rationale is that of minimising the impact of the game on the expensive cricket facilities.