Olympic Day 2010 Message

Olympic Day is a special and unique day for the sports people of the world. Olympic day celebrates sports and values by bringing together thousands of people across the globe. It is a great event, an event of joy and optimism to which the whole world, young and old are invited to participate in runs, exhibitions, music, indoor activities and more. Persons of various backgrounds, different cultures and different ideas, join together in their country to participate and celebrate Olympic Day.

What matters most to us is to share the common vision of promoting peace and friendship among all the people of the world through Olympic Day.
I have deep convictions about the course the world is taking. There are too many crimes, teenage pregnancies and drugs.
We are here today to encourage our political leaders to act in favour of peace and to organise conferences on sport and peace. We all need to put our differences aside to save the world. I believe in a United World. Let us not divide our athletes or the sporting community, because we want to march together toward unity.
I want to remind you of the words of our founding father of the Modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin. Sports unite and bring people together. Sports can change the world.
As sports people, let us all unite and continue to bring peace, hope and equality through sports.
Humanity needs love, peace and friendship.

Happy Olympic Day to all.

Trevor ‘Sailor’ Bailey