One year since PAISAC

Report of 2012 to PAISAC Committee by Neisha Alexander


My participation in the PAISAC one year ago has made a tremendous influence on my coaching path. Since then I have an active start group at the preschool level where I teach swimming and soccer.

I also incorporate the agility balance and coordination in everyday activities. Because of the developing athletic abilities session I did at PAISAC I understand fully what should be done at that particular age.

I have also started a school program with all girls. I was able to develop a sport structure for swimming in the school. They are currently in the second term and developing well.

I have since developed a long term athlete development program (Ltad) for my swim club.

During the summer I worked with the National Olympic Committee (NOC) with a swimming summer program where we identified talented swimmers between the ages of 9-14 years who can be developed farther in the competitive aspect of swimming.

My biggest achievement was being able to attend the 2012 Olympic Games. As head coach of the country’s swimming team to the Olympic Games I was able to attend a training camp. There I was introduced to certain tests of athletes that allowed me to improve my swimmer’s training pace and performance.

I all so saw the importance of psychology and recuperation on performance.

I have also completed the Caribbean Coaching Certificate Program (CCCP) following which I was recommend to do the FINA Level 1 as well as consider becoming a Course Conductor.

Future plans are to develop a sea weed program in cooperation with the local Swimming Association for persons who wish to become instructors in swimming on both sides of the island.

Thanks again to Mr. Priera and the staff at PAISAC.