Basketball Certification/re-certification clinic

A Certification/re-certification clinic was held at the Barbados Olympic Centre, Bridgetown Barbados.


A total of 12 referees comprising 6 candidates and 6 for re-certification attended the clinic. Five countries were represented – Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Vincent & The Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago; the Clinic was conducted by Lubo Kotleba, Technical Director of FIBA and Glyne Clarke, Vice President,Technical of the Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC).


The Examination covered the following:


1.   Written tests on the Official Basketball

2.   Floor exams by the candidate referees

3.  Physical test which was done by all referees were


The 3 days session also included intensive discussion on rules and officiating.


All refresher candidates were successful and the following candidate referees were successful including Vincentians Mr Michael Peniston(new Candidate) and Mr Shem Shem Olliviere(refresher)  


Mr Lubomir Kotleba in closing the clinic indicated that he was pleasantly surprised at the quality of officiating given the fact that most of the candidates were from small islands where basketballwas not necessarily the sport of choice and the level of the games based on world level may not be that high. He urged all referees to take the information home and share to their colleagues in an effort to improve the level of knowledge and officiating in general.


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation congratulates Mr  Michael Peniston and Mr Shem Shem Olliviereon their success.  We will also like to thank the National Olympic Committee for assistance in financing our candidate’s participation.