Reviewing our sport options – the case of athletics

Kineke’s success
There will undoubtedly be some persons, including track and field athletes, who are disposed to decrying the ‘fuss’ being made over Kineke Alexander’s bronze medal performance in the 400m at the Central American and Caribbean, CAC, Games in Cartagena, Colombia, on Tuesday, 25th July 2006, at the Track and Field Pedro Heredia Stadium, Cartagena, Colombia.
To some persons, the criticism may be justified. After all, Alexander’s performance at the Games was by no means her best. It was also not a new national record. She already holds the national record for the 400m event.
The foregoing statements are quite accurate.
Others may suggest that Alexander did not win the gold medal. She only captured a bronze medal, indicating that at best she was only third in the event.
The justification for the ‘fuss’ however comes from the fact that Alexander has broken through in yet another important arena in respect of the achievements of Vincentians in the world of sport.
Like Eswort Coombs before her, Alexander has broken new ground. She will forever be the first Vincentian athlete, male or female, to win a medal at the oldest multisport Games in the world after the Olympic Games, the CAC Games.
Importantly, Alexander’s achievement came as the CAC Games observed its 80th Anniversary, a significant milestone. This record can never be broken.
Thereby hangs a tale.
As far as Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines, TASVG, is concerned, Alexander is deserving of whatever celebratory activities could be mustered in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Upon her achievement, TASVG immediately addressed the matter of celebrations with the National Olympic Committee, NOC, which in turn took control of the celebrations, bringing on board the Government, the National Lotteries Authority and all of St Vincent and the Grenadines.