Bequia Tournament Game Results


Saturday’s Games:

Under 16 Division:

Hornets defeat Young Wizards 49 to 41
-leading scorer Hornets: Damien Lewis with 35 pts, 28 reb, 2 assts, 6 ste, 2
-leading scorer Young Wizards: Jason Ollivierre with 16 pts

Second Division:

Gladiatorz defeat Young Blazers 74 to 71
-leading scorer Gladiatorz: Cosmus Hackshaw with 33 pts, 15 reb, 4 assts, 3
-leading scorer Gladiatorz: Miguel McKree with 20 pts

First Division:

Tradewinds East Blazers defeat Westend Wizards 68 to 44
-leading scorer East Blazers: East Blazers with 14pts, 11 reb, 1 asst, 1 ste
-leading scorer Westend Wizards: Jason Lewis with 18 pts

Sunday’s Games:

First Division:

Tradewinds East Blazers defeat Mustique Icon 57 to 55
-leading scorer East Blazers: Anthony Sargeant with 11 pts, 2 reb
-leading scorer Mustique Icons: Wade Patterson with 15pts

First Division:

Duke defeat Westend Wizards by default 40 to NIL. Westend Wizards did not
show up on time and forfeited the game

Next games:

Wednesday August 30th:
7:00pm: Diamonds vs Hornets
9:00 pm:  Tie Breaker to determine 1st place first round:Duke vs Rising