“Rugby Camp Kicks Off”

16th July 2019
“Rugby Camp Kicks off”
The SVG Rugby Union has kicked off its annual summer camp this week, at their new field “Streams of Power Ratho Mill Playing Field”, where they will be hosting various camps partnering with different organizations. The first week started with Kiddies Korner, where 25 children will take part in the week of activities.
Next week’s camp begins on Monday 22nd July from 09:30 to 12pm, until Friday 26th July and is open to both girls and boys ages 6-16 years.
The camp focuses on teaching the foundations of the sport through fun and interactive games while building character and promoting life skills. Partnering with other groups/organizations brings other fun activities for the children.
Children are asked to bring water, snacks, juice and their lunch if they would like to eat at the field.
For more information, persons can contact the Union via:
1(784) 531-3172 or 1(784) 528-9855
Email svgrugbyunion@gmail.com
Website: www.svgrugby.com
Facebook; www.facebook.com/SvgRugbyUnion