The Calvert Woods legacy

On June 2 we will celebrate yet another anniversary of the passing of Calvert Woods. It is important to note here that the word used is to celebrate, for that is what Calvert would have wanted of all of us in the world of Vincentian sport.
In life we meet many individuals who may or may not impact others in a positive way. In the case of Calvert Woods there is little doubt that he had a positive impact on all those with whom he came into contact, even when he was in an adversarial role. Such was his disposition that it was very difficult to see anything but an opportunity to be engaged in discourse, however challenging that prospect may be.

A true sports fanatic
We often hear about sports fanatic but very rare do we get an opportunity to address this issue. Calvert Woods was a true sports fanatic.
It was not uncommon for him to shout across the space separating his from his brother-in-law’s house, the beautiful delivery that captured a wicket in a cricket match or the irresponsible stroke that led to the demise of an otherwise capable batsman.
Fanatically West Indian in all aspects, Calvert seemed incapable of giving up on the West Indies cricket team even as he chastised them for their seemingly endless string of failures in the latter years of his life.
While many no longer bother to trek to Arnos Vale to witness a regional encounter, Calvert made the time. He needed to be there to show his support and to make his own analysis for the next opportunity to engage others in a sports argument. He enjoyed being able to say, “I was there”.
The sports of athletics, netball, whatever, were always on his mind, so much did he cherish the opportunity to be able to follow them.

Commitment to sport
It is difficult to state whether Calvert Woods had any favourite sport. He seemed to have loved them all and gave his support to as many as he could.
In respect of athletics, he gave his all. His time was always available to the organisation of this sporting discipline. He was instrumental in the establishment of the now annual Inter Financial Sports Meet that was first held at Arnos Vale before moving to the Victoria Park. He was the prime organiser of this event and ensured that it was well done and that the participants enjoyed themselves while engaging in friendly competition.