Volleyball enjoys NOC’s Grassroots Talent ID

Participants at the Level 1 Coaching Program

The importance of Volleyball in the Community is most significance in order for the establishment of clubs and teams; henceforth-key rural areas that once had the sport of volleyball played there were targeted. It was decided that 3-week programmes would be used to introduce and identify potential players of the sport and also ignite the drive for the community to continue playing after the cycle for the programme has been completed. 


Participants at the Level 1 Coaching Program


The response has been very encouraging for the communities visited so far and a lot of young individuals with varied talents attended the sessions on a weekly basis.
Level one FIVB coaches; qualified during NOC Sponsors Solidarity courses were the facilitators of these sessions. These sessions normally ran from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.
The importance of Volleyball in schools has been noted and thus we have embarked on programme that will visit designated schools on Saturdays from 9:00am until 12:00pm.
This would assist the Physical Education teachers to establish the game of volleyball I the been varied however, it is hoped that the Volleyball association can offer another chance to these delinquent schools so that a successful inter secondary schools tournament can be implemented in the near future.
The Association is aware of the lack of equipment, especially Volleyballs and nets in the schools and thus have ordered a quantity of Volleyball with the Intention to supply some schools with at least 2 -3 balls and a net so as to encourage the continuity of the sport in the schools. A budget outlining the Equipment purchase is attached.

The Coaches assigned to the different areas provide their own transportation and they are refunded at the end of the 3-week cycle.
Light refreshments are provided at all sessions. Coolers with Juice and water are available for the participants at all sessions. It is noted that the refreshments has actually encouraged attendance, especially in the rural areas.