Welcoming the Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup 2007, CWC2007, is about to commence. Here in St Vincent and the Grenadines we are hosts to Australia, Bermuda, England and Zimbabwe, for some warm up matches which we seem to treat as though they are in any significant way related to the competition that will hold centre stage over the next few days. The Caribbean now plays host to the cricketing nations that have somehow distinguished themselves enough to play at this level. World CompetitionIt is always admirable when a country or a group of countries can secure the rights to host a major international sporting competition.The Cricket World Cup caters to the cricketing nations of the world and they are not many, in comparison to some of the other major sports. Suffice it to state here nonetheless that those countries that play the game will have more than a passing interest in the upcoming CWC2007.
Australia has been showing the world that it possesses the capacity to take top honours in the sport almost at will. However the likes of Pakistan, India, South Africa and the West Indies are almost certain to pose serious challenges this time around.
There is little doubt that the competition will be very keen and patrons and viewers alike should experience considerable enjoyment for the duration of the competition.

The sale of television rights to the competition has already provided the ICC with impressive revenues but it has also guaranteed the entire cricketing world that they would be able to follow the fortunes of their respective teams and/or favourites during the competition.