Bequia Tournament Game Results

Results from the Seventh Annual Bequia Basketball Tournament at the Clive Tannis Hard Court in Bequia.


Sunday’s Games:

Game 1: Second Division

Gladiatorz defeated Rising Stars: 73 to 65
-leading scorer Gladiatorz: Ben Andrews with 24 pts, 6 reb, 1 asst
-leading scorer Stars: Mckenton Kydd with 34 points

Game 2: First Division

Samuel’s Rentals Rising Stars defeated Mustique Icon 87 to 85
-leading scorer Stars: Craig Sam with 29 pts, 7 reb
-leading scorer Mustique: Gemery Richardson with 23 points

Next Games:

Wed July 13th:

5:30pm: Under 16 division: SDA Spartans vs Rockets
7:30pm: Second Division: Gladiatorz vs Warriaz
9:30 pm: First Division: East Blazers vs Duke

For more information on basketball in Bequia log on to or call 784 458-3255