Bequia Tournament Wed Game Results

  Second Division:
Warriaz defeat Young Blazers 63 to 59
-leading scorer Warriaz: Kaymani Henville with 20 pts, 1 reb, 2 ste
-leading scorer Young Blazers: Jemuel Hutchins with 18 pts

First Division:
Rising Stars defeat Tradewinds East Blazers 55 to 49
-leading scorer Stars: Craiglee Sam with 19 pts, 3 bks, 11 reb, 1ste
-leading scorer East Blazers: Keithroy Lavia with 15 pts

Next games: Saturday August 5th
5:30pm: second division: Warriaz vs Gladiatorz
7:30pm: first division: Westend Wizards vs Duke
9:30 pm:  first division: Mustique Icons vs Rising Stars

-for game information, fixtures and times, call games secretary Cornelius
Farrell at 527-1692
-all other information, call Sabrina Mitchell or Sophia Peters: 458-3255