This serves as the official policy for the Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines (hereinafter referred to as Team Athletics SVG). It establishes general principles that are applicable to selection to all national representative teams – Track and Field, Road Racing and Cross Country.
To select athletes who are capable of competing at their seasonal or personal best levels at the designated competitions.
To select only those athletes who would be most competitive at the competitions for which they have been selected.
All Nationals of St Vincent and the Grenadines whether living at home or overseas are eligible for selection to national representative teams.
All athletes selected to represent Team Athletics SVG are required to sign and abide by the Team Athletics SVG Athlete Agreement/Code of Conduct.
Methods of Selection
There are two methods by which athletes may be selected to teams to represent Team Athletics SVG. Selection based on established standards and selection based on the discretion of the Selection Commission.
Selection based on established standards
A/B standards – Athletes achieving an A or B standard as required by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) or the North American, Central American and Caribbean Area Association (NACAC) of the IAAF.
Athletes achieving standards established by Team Athletics SVG in the event there are no specific criteria for the particular competition and in the event no athlete meets the A/B standards as in