Foyle launches Kerosene Lamp Foundation website


Oakland, CA, January 15, 2007 — In 2005, Orlando Magic center Adonal Foyle started the Kerosene Lamp Foundation to help spread health awareness among today’s youth. He will now take the next steps toward getting his message out by launching the charity’s website,

Since his NBA career started in 1997, Foyle has established himself as a community serviceman in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as his native Caribbean islands and now in central Florida. But by launching his charity’s website (on Jan. 15), Foyle hopes to spread his message across the country as well as around the world.
“I want to reach out to as many people as I can and let them know the importance of my mission,” Adonal said. “By launching the Kerosene Lamp Foundation’s website, I feel that we can touch more people and encourage others to help our cause.”

The site will give navigators a simple guide on everything he and his staff have been doing in communities in central Florida, New Orleans, the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Caribbean. It also features a brief history of Foyle and his other charitable works as well as the phases of starting up KLF Inc. It also shows what the foundation has been able to do in the little time it has been in existence, such as putting together a series of basketball camps (along with the help of other NBA players and volunteers). It also features full-color photos, videos and information on how you can help spread the word of Foyle’s cause – through volunteer work or by donations.
There is also an online store, where merchandise purchased is tax deductible.

For more information about the Kerosene Lamp Foundation, contact Executive Director Jo-Marie Garber at (510) 465-5267 or e-mail her at