Rene Baptiste – the Minister of Sport?

It is said that politics makes strange bedfellows.
At the same time we are told that sport and politics must be kept separate.
Astute analysts of both politics and sport are often at variance with each other in respect of the probability that any of the foregoing statements can be considered a truism.
Some recent occurrences here in St Vincent and the Grenadines have made it necessary for us to revisit the way things are done at once in politics and sport. It so often seems that sport seems an important vehicle for the political fortunes of politicians especially in so far as accessing the youth vote is concerned.

Minister of Sport
Just who is this country’s Minister of Sport?
Officially we are aware that the portfolio of sport falls under Hon Glen Beache, himself a former track and field athlete of some substance. His portfolio also includes tourism and youth.
Of course Beache was given the aforementioned portfolios following the conclusion of the last general elections of December 2005.
A recent Agency for Public Information (API) programme highlighted Hon Rene Baptiste on what appeared to have been a tour of the Ottley Hall Playing Field.
During the programme Vincentians were treated to the usual politics that comes when a politician visits his/her constituency.
The problem with Minister Baptiste on this particular programme came when she delved into the business of Cuban boxing coaches for this country, having declared Edinboro the Mecca of boxing in the country.
Baptiste disclosed that while in Cuba she was able to hold discussions in respect of the possibility of having Cuban coaches come to St Vincent and the Grenadines.