Getting on Track

Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines (TASVG) initiated a project aimed at developing the base for participation in athletics, not only in St Vincent and the Grenadines but across the Windward Islands.
The projects seeks to establish in each of the four Windward Islands the concept of the Right On Track (ROT) programme created by Hasely Crawford of Trinidad and Tobago.

Discussions began in Trinidad in November 2004 when TASVG brought together the NACAC President, Amadeo Francis, and representatives of the National Gas Company (NGC) of the twin island Republic, for a meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Port of Spain.
Follow-up involved visits to each of the Windward Islands and a final document was prepared by TASVG. This document was discussed at a meeting of athletic associations of each of the aforementioned in Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines on 2 July 2005. The document was duly approved and was, on the same day presented to NGC’s Head of Communications, Dr Elias, who, accompanied by the Coordinator of ROT, Rae Samuel, was in St Vincent for the occasion.
Subsequently the project was submitted to NGC’s Management and then forwarded to the Board of Directors.
NACAC was also presented with a copy for its approval.
The approval has been secured and in each of the Windward Islands the ROT is to be launched soon.

The ROT in SVG
The ROT Programme being introduced here takes into consideration the individual country needs and nuances in an effort to facilitate the broadest possible impact on the development of track and field athletics.
Generally, the project is a direct result of detailed analysis of the state of athletics in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Strategic Plan that has been developed by TASVG, which is consistent with the plan of the IAAF and of its continental body, NACAC.
Consideration has also been given to the peculiarities of the ROT Programme as introduced in Trinidad and Tobago, inclusive of the changes made as it evolved and the way in which it has to be fashioned to the Vincentian situation.