The case for NACAC Products

Since the establishment of the NACAC Plan in 2004 it has become ever more evident that the Area needs to develop its full range of products if it is to fashion a long term Marketing Strategy that would be sustainable.

The sustainability of athletics in the NACAC Area is dependent upon the application of creative ideas, first in an experimental format, systematic analysis of these experiments and the determination of a clear path forward.

The following ideas reflect a possible approach to the emergence of NACAC as an aggressive Area in the IAAF family capable of matching the strides made by Europe and positioning the Area to pose greater challenges in respect of developmental options in the organisation of successful athletic competitions.


Catering for entire Area

NACAC is the official continental body for athletics within the IAAF. This fact places a tremendous responsibility on NACAC to establish itself as the lead organisation for the fulfilment of the IAAF’s mandate in respect of the development of athletics within its geographical context.

It is therefore incumbent upon the leadership of the NACAC to establish such products as would afford its entire constituency to engage in activities consistent with the satisfaction of the IAAF’s Strategic Plan.

While segments of the NACAC Area have long established a number of athletic events as their respective contributions to the development of the sport, these cannot inhibit NACAC’s right to develop the entire Area and its products within it, taking into consideration these pre-existing activities.

The inclusion of the USA and Canada in al of the activities of NACAC is critical to the fulfilment of its mandate to adequately service the Area.