The Minister must step in now!

The matter of the availability of sports facilities in this country for some sports has reached critical proportions and the time has come for the Minister of Sport, Glen Beache, to step in and safeguard the sport development process.

Facilities’ location
The location of sports' facilities in St Vincent and the Grenadines has, by and large, been a function of the politics of the day. For the most part it is political expediency more than anything else that has determined precisely where this or that sporting facility should be located. This has not always proven to be in the best interest of the particular sport(s), the communities or the sports development process for St Vincent and the Grenadines.
In the lead up to almost every election over the past 30 years some hasty action has been taken to either construct, renovate or upgrade some sporting facility in this or that constituency in an attempt more to garner the votes of the youths than in the best interest of the sport. When this occurs it is often the case that there has not been the involvement of the community in the decision-making process.
The national sports associations of this country have often found themselves wondering about the possible consequences of the approach taken by successive ruling political regimes in their determination of the development of facilities for sport.

Community Sports Committees
The National Sports Council (NSC) has had as one of its agenda items the establishment of Community Sports Committees or Area Sports Committees. This has been one of the most consistent failures of successive appointed NSCs. They have all, at one point or another, failed largely because of their decidedly political bias and myopia.