Bring on the Cuban coaches

In the recent past we have been told that finally, after all this time, that there is a distinct possibility that we could soon be having Cuban coaches in St Vincent and the Grenadines involved in the development of sports. According to information received it appears that the priority areas are Boxing, Swimming and Volleyball.

Commitment to Sport

For some time this columnist has insisted that the current political administration, much like its predecessors, have given no real priority to sport and hence to the broad sport development process. Political myopia appears to have prevented governments here from seeing beyond their noses. Of course the current administration has been proficient in mouthing its so-called support for sport by including reference to it in the youth manifestos it has produced, essentially targeting the vote of the youths of this country.

The real world of sport in this country bears witness to the lack of understanding of sport to the well being of the nation. The so-called wellness revolution is one of those ‘top of the head’ ideas coming from the leadership without much thought ever being given to its true meaning and overall significance to genuine development of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It is a truism that successive governments of St Vincent and the Grenadines have shown no more interest in sports than that which is considered politically expedient.