CWC 2007 and Caribbean leadership

The recent announcement by Barbados’ Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, of his own ascendancy to the leadership of that country’s CWC 2007 Preparatory Committee should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following developments or lack thereof in the region in respect of the preparations for this massive undertaking. 

It has already been stated elsewhere that the Caribbean today has the weakest crop of political leaders ever in its history. This is further evidence of this reality.
Let’s refresh our memories of the way in which we came to be in this mess.

The West Indies Cricket Board has been experiencing problems for a very long time. The game has lost its central role in the psyche of those who now seem to be representing the region on the West Indies Cricket team. They are individuals now more concerned with their own personal well being and pay no real attention to what the playing of the game once meant to the peoples of the region.
Who can blame them?
They are the products of a generation exposed to the emergent global Village and its attendant culture – American Culture.
The demise of the West Indies Cricket team irked the peoples of the region to such an extent that everywhere the politicians felt the need to get involved. Unfortunately, given the paucity in terms of regional political leadership the Caricom introduced a Committee drawn from among its Heads.
Big mistake! Huge mistake!
Keith Mitchell of Grenada was declared the Caricom point man on Cricket.
Another huge mistake!