Needed: A Sports Facilities’ policy

For several years this Column has addressed the thorny issue of the poor state of the sports facilities in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Of course there is also a problem with regard to the absence of some facilities altogether.
There are a few exceptions in terms of sports facilities.
Of course the older folk will recall the existence of the King George V Recreational facilities before that area was transformed into the Arnos Vale Airport, now the E.T. Joshua Airport.

Cricket has been particularly fortunate for despite not being the nation’s most popular sport it has been the major beneficiary of those involved in the process of providing facilities.
Cricket was played at the Victoria Park which became the major playing arena after the displacement of the King George V sports facility. Football and athletics were also played there and the likes of ‘Bunny’ Baptiste, Victor Peters showed their immense athletic talent to the nation on numerous occasions.
There are many who would recall the hill at Victoria Park that at times did not permit the spectators to see the entire playing area at one glance. The popular Notre Dames and Roseans ruled football at Victoria Park for many years and entertained avid sports enthusiasts.
F. O. Mason and the Trimminghams, to name a few, did much to establish themselves as both cricketers and footballers of note.
The Grammar School Playing Field also emerged as critical to sport. Andrew Cummings showed his sprinting capability there while Carl Glasgow presented the nation with a High Jump record that stood for several decades; this while being a student.
Cricket got Arnos Vale as a direct result of the sport’s authorities at the time being able to prevail upon the then Premier, Milton Cato, to facilitate the construction of the Arnos Vale Playing Field to host an international match in the early 1970s.
At the time of its construction Arnos Vale was this country’s best sports facility.
Over the years Arnos Vale grew into the country’s best Sports Complex and stayed that way for some time. The construction of the four tennis courts behind the main playing field was achieved once more in order to facilitate hosting a regional competition.
Netball soon enough got use of the courts even as Tennis retreated. The latter sport benefited from the availability of some private courts, including those attached to the Grand View and Haddon hotels.
There was also the Kingstown Tennis Court at New Montrose and the courts at the Mc Intosh place at Prospect.