The WICB saga heats up

In one fell swoop the saga that is West Indies Cricket heated up to boiling pint leaving the region aghast. The announcement that captain, Chris Gayle, opted out of the post was accompanied by the dismissal of West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) communications boss, Tony Deyal of Trinidad and Tobago and the sending on leave of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the WICB, Donald Peters of Dominica. Additionally, we were told that the WICB would convene, later this year, a session with all of the stakeholders to discuss the latest strategic plan that has been developed.
The long and short of it all is that the WICB is in crisis.

Deyal’s dismissal
The region has been told that Deyal’s dismissal has to do with the leaking of information to the Trinidad Guardian in respect of the location of the Office of the President of the WICB, Julian Hunte, in St Lucia. Understand that the official location of the WICB’s offices is in Antigua and Barbuda. However, for some time now, the WICB has agreed to allow the President the latitude of having an office in the country in which he lives.
The current turbulence within the hallowed halls of the WICB, now on the streets of the region, emerged when the Trinidad Guardian carried a story in relation to the office of WICB President, Julian Hunte. The story seemed to suggest that there may well have been something amiss in the arrangement in so far as the building in which the office is housed is concerned. An interpretation of the article would possibly have led many to conclude that there was something about the arrangement that was not exactly above board, in a manner of speaking.
No sooner had the story been published than tongues began to wag across the region. It took some time before the reaction emerged indicating that Hunte categorically denied any wrongdoing and indicated that the building in which the office is located in St Lucia belongs to an insurance company. He has interests in the company but does not own it.
The next chapter was the summary dismissal of Tony Deyal who had been heading the WICB’s communications department for some time. The conclusion drawn in respect of Deyal’s dismissal was that he was perceived as the one targeted as having leaked the information to the Trinidad Guardian.