West Indies cricket administration – same khaki pants

The latest furore within the camp that is now the renowned West Indies cricket fraternity should come as no surprise to anyone who has been able to stomach the proceedings within this sordid grouping over the past several years.

Unfortunately it does appear that things will certainly get much worse before they get better.

The England Tour

The West Indies Cricket Board, WICB, has continued to show the peoples of this Caribbean region every reason why the current crop of administrators of the game should all immediately demit office, even without an explanation.

It would be a most just move for the entire cadre to leave the game and allow for a fresh start to what was once our most popular sport.

At best the current crop of WICB administrators can boast of ensuring the death and burial of the game in the Caribbean.

The England tour marks an important stage in the funkiness of the WICB. It is as though the Board did not do its homework in respect of the tour. There seemed little by way of planning.

The impasse between the West Indies Players Association, WIPA, and the WICB only proved the total incompetence of the administrators of the game. The Arbitration Panel, headed by the Chief Justice of Barbados, seemed rather surprised at the case brought before it by both parties. To even the ardent follower of developments in the region it certainly seemed strange that the WICB could have failed to interpret the situation and avoid the embarrassment that eventually flowed in its direction. Once more Ramnarine and the WIPA emerged victorious.