Caribbean Games on regional agenda

Over the past several years the National Olympic Committees of the Caribbean have been engaged in a project aimed at meeting an official request from governments of the region to introduce the Caribbean Games. The intention from the very beginning is to host these Games in the tradition of the modern Olympics, as a multi-sport event that allows our peoples to see friendly competition between the very best athletes of the Caribbean.
Of course, Trinidad and Tobago’s TEXACO Southern Games, involving Athletics and Cycling, held the attention of the peoples of the Caribbean and farther afield for many years, as the region’s premier sporting event. This event began as a two-day competition, finally reaching five days of exciting competition that pitted the very best in the region against the world’s top performers in the two sporting disciplines.
Since the demise of the Southern Games, only the Annual Carifta Games have emerged as a major regional event attracting as many as 23 countries in three days of competition.

The St Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Committee initiated discussions among the NOCs of the OECS in respect of the formation of a subregional association with the intention of facilitating cooperation, collaboration and the harmonization of effort along with the sharing of resources. This gave rise to the establishment of the Association of National Olympic Committees of the OECS (ANOCES).
NOCs of the wider Caribbean soon saw the relevance of the approach undertaken by the OECS and quickly thereafter moved to the formation of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC). It is this latter body that has been approached by the governments of the region to aid in the establishment of a quadrennial Caribbean Games.