Fear of Lightning striking twice in the same place

Bidding for 2010 World 20/20 Cricket

There are many who would consider the state of West Indies cricket to be beyond repair. On the other extreme there are others who are eternally optimistic that the fortunes of the game in the Caribbean would one day be reclaimed although they cannot put a timeline on that.

Most West Indians have become very concerned about the game of cricket in the Caribbean and of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) to fashion change in a manner that would allow the peoples who have long supported the sport to feel some sense of pride once more in our involvement.
Increasingly our Caribbean people are losing their love for the game of cricket. They have watched the failure of the leadership of the sport – the WICB – to effect the changes necessary to generate interest, if only because at the same time the performance of successive teams remain putrid.
For many there is little hope on the horizon.

2007 Cricket World Cup
Some time ago the WICB secured the rights to host the 2007 Cricket World Cup. Luckily for us in the region the bidding process had not yet been effected by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and we got the rights largely because it was a policy to allow the event to make its rounds among the major test playing nations of the world. One is almost certain that had there been a bidding process there would have been little chance of us ever being awarded the activity.