Football's frightful follies

The pending General Meeting of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, SVGFF, now looms as one of frightful follies, if we are to take seriously what has transpired in the recent past.

Some years ago the International Football Federation, FIFA, decided that in an effort to bolster its image globally it was necessary to empower its affiliates. FIFA opted to make a quadrennial grant of US$1m to each of its affiliates dispensing US$250,000 annually.
In addition, FIFA offered each of its affiliates what is called, the ‘Goal' project. The intention here is to allow each affiliate to decide on a single major capital project that would facilitate a significant improvement in the way it conducts its affairs and helps the organisation to make a quantum leap forward.
When the FIFA financial inflows were first announced many of the game's enthusiasts sat on the sidelines and suggested that each of FIFA's affiliates, especially in small developing nations would allow for major transformations to take place and enhance the national organisation and the sport in general.
The reality was soon to hit home.
The FIFA increased the number of competitions in each of its continental zones allowing for several age categories and women's involvement in important ways. Increased competitions have meant significantly more funds being allocated to participate since failure to participate would also mean hefty financial penalties imposed on the defaulting Federations.
Many Federations have suddenly found that the monies delivered to them on an annual basis is inadequate if they are to do what is required to be worthy challengers in the various competitions in which they are involved.
Additionally, Federations such as the one here at home opted to secure an office, complete with professional staff, all seemingly intended to raise the profile of the administrative operations of the organisation with a relatively hefty price tag.