SVG at multi sport Games in 2006

During 2006 St Vincent and the Grenadines participated in two major multisport Games – the Commonwealth Games and the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games.
The results of the athletes from St Vincent and the Grenadines have not been the most flattering and deserve some more critical analysis at this juncture.

The Commonwealth Games
St Vincent and the Grenadines first participated in the Commonwealth Games in 1958 when they were called the Empire Games and were held in Cardiff, Wales. Since then this country has participated in the quadrennial Games in 1966 (Kingston, Jamaica), 1978 (Edmonton, Canada), 1994 (Victoria BC, Canada), 1998 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), 2002 (Manchester, England) and 2006 (Melbourne, Australia). Our participation has been rewarded only by the performance of Lucas who won a medal in Boxing. Of course George Manners of St Vincent and the Grenadines won medals in Weightlifting while representing England.
Earlier this year the Vincentian delegation moved on to Melbourne, Australia with its largest ever competition contingent, due in large measure to the success of the Netball team in qualifying for the Games by defeating Trinidad and Tobago and Canada to secure the final berth from the Americas Federation of Netball Associations (AFNA) region.
The Games were conducted during the period 15 – 29 March.
The complete contingent included athletes and officials from Athletics, Cycling, Netball, Squash and Table Tennis.
The team left local shores with mixed feelings in respect of their capacity to do well.
Athletics pinned its hopes on Kineke Alexander, who had just won the NCAA 400m Indoors title, only the second Vincentian to cop the top award at NCAA. She was the flag bearer for the TASVG squad at the Games.
Casnel Bushay was also expected to fare well following his achievement of a personal best at the World Indoors in Moscow earlier in the year.