The News’ Sports celebrates 17 years

Happily the three, Shelly Clarke, Colin Williams and Bernard Joseph, were possessive of a vision for the Vincentian society and sufficiently committed to the undertaking to feel justified in the challenges that would inevitably confront them.
The News began as a weekly publication, much like the earlier print media publications.
The leaders of the organisation recognised that they were entering a market that had grown accustomed to the print media, however many, hitting the nation’s streets on the Friday of each week. It would have been foolhardy, they seemed to think, to have been a newcomer daring to change that reality at the outset.
Apart from the founding fathers of The News there were others who helped pave the way to where the institution has reached today.
We may well remember Margaret Williams and Brian Cottle who helped with the proof reading for many years; William ‘Kojah’ Anthony who did many pieces including coverage of sports; Jeff James, Oscar Allen, Adrian Fraser and Renwick Rose, columnists who were the main social commentators; Cleveland Sam who joined as a reporter and helped with the layout.
And there was the Reverend Bishop Cuthbert Woodroof whose commentary stirred the appetite for more.
The News also had the services of Leroy Rock who initially helped with the layout and made the regular trips to Barbados with the originals before returning with the finished product.
Theresa Daniel served a spell as Editor and Duggie ‘Nose’ Joseph, who, like ‘Kojah’ before him, doubled up as reporter and sports writer. Susan Lewis joined the organisation as well.