The News’ Sports celebrates 17 years

Of course there were staff like Joslyn Foy, who has been with the organisation since its inception, then came Jacqueline Kydd and for some time Monique Arthur-Tash and later, Patricie Williams. There were also services from ‘Challis’ Porter, Michael Scott and Rodney Bess.
The first birthday photo that started the birthday page came from photographer Freddie Finch.
Over the years The News has changed location many times. Operations began on the top floor of the John Horne Building, upstairs what was then the main centre for the operations of the tobacco industry before it eventually became home to Randy’s Supermarket.
Operations later shifted to the Cox Shipping Building on Bay Street before moving across to the building opposite what is now the Cambridge Building. From there The News moved to upstairs the De Nobriga Building at Frenches Gate. The to OMS Building on Lower Back Street.
Finally, having grown tired of the moving around The News purchased its own home, The Billingy Building at the bottom of Town Hill, Kingstown.
To the founding fathers, the home may have been long in coming but its acquisition must have been delightful music.

The Education Focus
The origins of The News saw an emphasis being placed on education.
Some may well recall that in the very early publications, The News carried photos of students, workers and professionals as well as other segments of Vincentian society reading the latest edition of the paper.
The editorials and many of the articles attempted to highlight the importance of education to the development of the Vincentian society through the print media.
The News seemed to think that the media had a responsibility to the nation as a whole and not a small segment of it, ensuring greater understanding of the issues affecting their daily lives.