The News’ Sports celebrates 17 years

The Sports Focus
From the very beginning the founding fathers of The News insisted that there would be a definite emphasis placed on the coverage of sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The News committed itself to four pages of sports coverage. This was an immediate parting of ways with the existing newspapers. The main competitor at the time, The Vincentian, only carried one page of sports coverage and at times some spilled over on to a second page. The coverage of the latter was not really strong but prior to the existence of The News, it was al that was really available in a consistent manner for Vincentians at home and abroad.
Despite not having many persons employed as reporters in the early period of its existence The News nonetheless made a tremendous effort to ensure that most of the sporting activities in the State were covered in some measure.
The News also ensured that a number of pictures dominated the weekly coverage. This was particularly important since sportspeople are enthused by their presence in the media.

Changing the coverage of sports
The News’ emphasis on sports may well be said to have been responsible for ushering in a new approach to the coverage of sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The sportswriters at The News recognised the importance of sports to the youths of the nation and to generating interest in the weekly document and the impact on overall sales, rallied around the organisation and served up a regular diet of interesting and informative sports stories on just about every sporting activity wherever it was taking place around St Vincent and the Grenadines.
This country’s entry into the Football World Cup Preliminaries in 1992 witnessed The News producing a most memorable document, a keepsake, highlighting the achievement and showcasing the team led at the time by Alphonso ‘Twenty’ Browne, with the presidency firmly in the hands of the incomparable Basil ‘Bung’ Cato.
Rodney ‘Chang’ Jack was the doyen of the team.