The News’ Sports celebrates 17 years

The team made it through to the second round of the Preliminaries and The News gave complete coverage. When Warner and Cato seemingly agreed to the ‘Columbus Cup’ it was The News that raised the challenge that led to its immediate recasting as the ‘Andre Kamperveen Cup’ played for by St Vincent and the Grenadines and Jamaica.
When St Vincent and the Grenadines got a whopping 11 goals from Mexico in Mexico City, it was The News that provided detailed coverage.
Since 1992, The News covered this country’s progress through the World Cup Preliminaries through to the second
round each time but no farther.
The News covered this country’s venture, successes and failures at the Shell Cup and later the Caribbean Nations Cup in Football.
When Lara made history by hitting the first Test century at Arnos Vale when the West Indies hosted Sri Lanka in a rain-affected match, The News was there as the nation’s most authoritative media.
The News was represented at the Atlanta Olympics giving coverage to what remains this country’s largest and most successful team to the Olympic Games. It carried the progress of Eswort Coombs from his first victory in the Heats of the 400m to his being ousted in the semi finals.
The News was there for the turning of the soil for the construction of the National Tennis Centre and again for its official opening.
The News has been at every edition of the Sports Personality of the Year Awards and the annual Cable and Wireless Netball Championships. It was at the introduction of rugby and followed the regional cycling and athletic as well as national road races.
When Earl ‘Ole’ George and Joel Butcher completed their historic walk around St Vincent and the Grenadines The News was there.
The News has provided coverage and has never been afraid to raise challenges whenever it was considered necessary. As with coverage of every other aspect of Vincentian society at home and in the Diaspora The News has been fearless and unbiased in its coverage.